About Us

Our Journey

Mary Speirs, director of Children’s Speech and OT, is delighted to be able to announce an exciting new clinic. We are a well established, highly regarded, family owned therapy business.

Children’s Speech and OT is a sister clinic to Improving Speech and Language. Prior to operating at Children’s Health Centre, Improving speech and language operated for over 8 years in the western suburbs of Melbourne.

What sets us apart?

Our staff work as a team. They bring their diverse knowledge together and can run groups or individual sessions to benefit our families. Speech pathologists and occupational therapist can attend therapy sessions in conjunction as required, allowing them to provide optimal therapy to a child.

All team members are employed by us, not contracted, and receive:

  • paid planning time
  • case meetings on a regular fortnightly basis to discuss client needs
  • regular professional supervision to discuss client goals and therapy strategies.
  • a competitive salary
  • paid holidays and sick leave
  • Regular professional development to ensure they are using evidenced based and best practice therapies.

Family Centred Approach

We are passionate about working with families to ensure that they gain the confidence and skills to continue to build their children’s skills at home. We will work in partnership with you to identify which goals are most meaningful to you, your child and your family.

Communication with other professionals

We are work closely with other professionals involved with your child (health professionals, teachers, educators) so that therapy goals can be aligned and your child receives the best multi-disciplinary care. We can work with teachers and educators to build skills in the classroom, kindergarten and childcare setting to assist your child to be the best they can be.


We offer a range of speech therapy and OT services for children (12months-15 years) including:

Assessment / diagnosis

Expert advice from highly qualified therapists

Individual therapy

  • Clinic
  • School
  • Kindergarten
  • Childcare

Sensory Processing Disorder

Assisting in the idenfication of sensory preferences and integration above self care

Group therapy

  • play skills
  • Social thinking
  • Social skills
  • Language building groups
  • Literacy skills
  • Toddler and parent group
  • Little Steps- development of fine and gross motor, language and social skills

Speech Pathology

Our services cover Therapy, Developmental Assessments and Autism Spectrum Disorders.
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Occupational Therapy

Our Occupational therapists look at the occupations or activities that children perform.
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Group Therapy

We offer a wide range of group therapy from skills based learning to eating and social skills.
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Out of Office Visits

We work in a number of local schools, kindergartens and childcare centres.
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