Out of Office Visits

We visit schools, kindergartens and childcare facilities as appropriate for our clients. This can be for:

  • regular ongoing therapy session, individual or group,
  • occasional visits to assist with issues and or provide therapy ideas for workers to practice,
  • attend meeting to assist teachers or leadership with behavioural/learning concerns and to discuss goals and funding concerns

Families of children receiving out of office therapy receive emails after each therapy session to keep the family informed and provide homework support. Phone conversations and, at minimum, quarterly meetings between therapist and parents are strongly encouraged so that communication between therapist, families and teachers are maintained ensuring children’s needs are being met.

Visits to out of office facility’s need to be arranged between and agreed upon by all parties. Some schools have restrictions on outside therapist attending schools for therapy due to policy and or space. Home visits can be discussed but need to be for the best interest of the child.

For more information or to book an appointment please call 0474 002 044

Speech Pathology

Our services cover Therapy, Developmental Assessments and Autism Spectrum Disorders.
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Occupational Therapy

Our Occupational therapists look at the occupations or activities that children perform.
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Group Therapy

We offer a wide range of group therapy from skills based learning to eating and social skills.
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Out of Office Visits

We work in a number of local schools, kindergartens and childcare centres.
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